a new digg

Well, welcome to the backlash. “Digg just isn’t doing anything for me to make my day easier,” writes Jeff Nolan in a post titled ‘I’m done with Digg.’ Adds BusinessWeek‘s Rob Hof: “As much as I like the idea of Digg…I must confess that I just don’t use it that much.” Then Robert Scoble piles on: “I too unsubscribed from the general Digg feed,” he writes. “Too much crap!”

And so the pendulum swings. Out of favor go people-driven sites like Digg, and guess what’s suddenly all the rage? Algorithms. Where do Nolan and Hof go regularly for their headline fix? TechMeme, they say, the automatic tech blog buzz filter which also happens to be at the top of The Browser’s blogroll. Indeed, the new media question of the moment is once again man vs. machine (Yahoo directory vs. the search engines, anyone?) Are you more about Google News and TechMeme or Digg and Reddit?

But here’s a new data point to add to the mix: While you were away eating turkey, the tech geniuses behind Eyebeam and the Huffington Post launched BuzzFeed, a sort of hybrid–a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll–news site that’s edited by humans but powered by algorithms.


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